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Family & Adult Only Memberships are available for the 2018 season.  Receive $250.00 off  your fee if you sign up before June 30, 2018.  Use code EASTER2018 at check-out.  Only applies to new memberships.

Volunteer Opportunities

    • 13 Nov 2017
    • 22 Oct 2018
    • 1773 Christopher Road Mississauga, ON L5J 2K7

    This position will  help to organize all social events based on board directive & your own initiative.

    • All of the events dates are already planned for this year.  
    • You and your subcommittee will decide on the ideas for food (i.e. BBQ, pizza, pot luck, appetizer, wine & cheese (LCBO permit required), or anything in between).
    • You will work with the head guard to come up with themes and game ideas.  
    • The head guard will organize games for the kids.
    • You are not required to be in attendance for all of the socials, volunteers can run the entire thing under your clear direction.
    • You or your team will prepare the pricing for the food.
    • You or your team will prepare a sign for each event for the board at the pool.
    • You or your team will send all details to the Director of Communications so that members can be notified by e-mail on how to sign up online.
    • You will report to the board on everything social related once a month with updates - you are not required to come to the board meetings, this can be sent through e-mail.
    • If you want to add more socials, this is optional.
    • 24 Nov 2017
    • 31 Oct 2018
    • 1773 Christopher Road Mississauga, ON L5J 2K7
    • Work directly with the guard in charge of citi*swim
    • Create the time trial cards
    • Register our team with the City for each meet
    • Take attendance at the meets
    • 26 Nov 2017
    • 31 Oct 2018
    • 1773 Christopher Road Mississauga, ON L5J 2K7
    • Attend monthly Board meetings
    • Ensure facilities, within the property, excluding the physical pool and water, are maintained.
    • Ensure the grounds, within the property are maintained.
    • Attend to any facility and grounds maintenance issues
    • Arrange for pre,, mid (if required) and post-season cleanup days
    • Ensure all facility supplies are available at the pool (i.e. toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies, propane, garbage & recycling bags, etc.).
    • 05 Jun 2018
    • 22 Jun 2018
    • 1773 Christopher Road Mississauga, ON L5J 2K7
    • 1

    Are you looking for something fun to do with the whole family and earn volunteer hours at the same time? Then, here is the perfect opportunity for you!

    The pool's two rectangle picnic tables need to be power washed (to remove old paint) and then repainted blue.

    This is a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours while spending time with your family because while waiting for the tables to dry you can relax and go for a swim!

    Please move the picnic tables to the boulevard (outside the fence) to wash and then paint and return them to the fenced in area when completed. Also, please bring your own power washer.

    Please contact Lesley Smith at if you have any questions.

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