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Aquatic Instructor & Lifeguard


Reporting to the Assistant Aquatics Coordinator and the Director of Staffing, the Aquatic Instructor & Lifeguard works as part of the Aquatics Team, and in particular the Assistant Aquatics Coordinator, to develop, organize and implement the aquatic programs and special events offered to Fairfields’ members. In addition, you shall perform Lifeguarding and Aquatic Instructor duties to oversee the safety of pool use by and for all members of Fairfields.


  • Assist with the smooth operation of aquatic programs
  • Supervise and maintain a safe, enjoyable environment for all members, guests and swimmers
  • Respond, as required, to any and all aquatic emergency situations
  • Act as instructor in aquatic programs for all levels of swimmer to registered participants
  • Provide customer service by maintaining cordial and respectful relationships, and interacting in a professional manner, with members, representatives, and external contractors of Fairfields
  • Assist in the development and implementation of all special events as required; including swim meets, theme days, facility rentals, etc.
  • Communicate and enforce all pool and club policies and rules
  • Complete all necessary administrative documentation, as required, in accordance with Fairfields standards and requirements
  • Work with co-workers on-shift to complete the Opening and Closing Checklists, as appropriate
  • Attend all mandatory pre-season and in-season employee training
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by the Director of Staffing

While not guarding, duties include:

  • Greeting all members and ensuring compliance with membership sign-in requirements
  • Manage cash and check-in services for members and guests of Fairfields
  • Mingling with members, guests and potential members
  • Maintaining the water chemistry of the pool by testing the pool water (to be completed by employees on shift every two hours), and adjusting chemical levels as required
  • Ensuring bathrooms are clean and fully stocked
  • Checking the basement for adequate chemical levels and ensuring the pumps are working correctly
  • Periodically empty the filter baskets into the garbage receptacle
  • Conduct “Deep End Tests” (swim two widths of the pool continuously without touching the ground) for members and guests, as required
  • Emptying garbage cans in bathrooms, office and on-deck, and replacing garbage bags into each bin
  • Periodically cleaning the Guard Office, including the fridge and microwave, as required
  • Vacuuming and backwashing the pool as required, or if the scum line is dirty (to be completed only if there are no patrons in the pool)
  • Monitor and maintain recreational supplies, including all pool toys


  • Lifesaving Society Swim/Lifesaving/Emergency First Aid Instructor certification
  • National Lifeguard Service certification
  • Standard First Aid with CPR-C certification

All qualifications and certifications are to be current and up-to-date throughout the entire period of your employment.

In addition, you are required to maintain the ability and fitness level essential to perform the skills at or above the required standard of your highest certification/award.

Please Note: Full time hours of work are not guaranteed, hours are dependent on sufficient program registration. Hours may be affected due mechanical shut downs and inclement weather at outdoor pools.

Interested candidates are invited to apply by filling out the application form.  Once that is complete, please submit your resume, cover letter and a list of all relevant qualifications (Lifesaving Society Member ID) via e-mail

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