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Volunteer Opportunities Galore!! Come help us get the pool ready to open

07 Jun 2017 4:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Dear Members,

The weather looks like it has finally turned for the better and we are still on track to open the pool this Saturday (June 10th) at noon.  Just in time for a super hot spell coming this week-end.  The pool is almost full and the heaters will be turned on later today.

There are many things that still need to get done before we open on Saturday at noon.  If you want to get some volunteer hours in, here is your opportunity.  You can also get a sneak peak at the pool before we open by volunteering now.  This list will be updated daily online as items are completed and things are found that need to be added.  We have guards there working on these tasks from 4pm-8pm daily.  If you would prefer to come before this, please let us know and we can arrange for you to be able to get in.

Any expenses incurred will be reimbursed.  Please verify that we do not have the items you are purchasing before you buy them.  If you are coming to do yard & garden work, please bring your own tools as we don't have many at the pool right now.

  1. Put down sod (talk to Dan Keenliside)
  2. Organize shed in the pool area
    - pull out all office stuff and go through it and dispose of items we don't need.
    -  put office stuff neatly in girls washroom for now.
    -  Space needs to be made to put the pool cover in here.
    -  This area should be for pool related items, i.e. chemicals
  3. Organize shed in the yard.  This area should have all of the city garbage cans, tables, BBQ’s and lawn related equipment.  If it doesn’t fit, let me know and we can reassess.
  4. Remove garbage bags & cans from deck
    -          move to side yard shed area (on the North side of the shed)
    -          Remove old bulletin board for garbage
    -          Remove broken table for garbage
    -          Remove circular tube for garbage
  5. Dump run as we have a LOT of garbage to dispose of
  6. Garbage pickup through your entire site (pool deck, parking lot and yard).
  7. Mow & edge the grass, including the ditch on Christopher Road and the boulevard on Clarkson Road
  8. Trim bushes around deep end sign so that it is fully visible
    -          Brown bag or tie all yard waste
  9. Trim bushes in parking lot, north pool side and along Christopher to be even and manicured
    -          Brown bag or tie all yard waste
  10. Remove all broken branches from hedges
  11. Purchase and deliver blue paint for the building (expenses will be reimbursed)
  12. Purchase bathroom items  and deliver to the pool (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.)
  13. Paint blue wall
  14. Put out bike racks
  15. Power spray deck
  16. Sweep parking lot
  17. Power spray grey building walls
  18. Power spray parking lot
  19. Weed hedges in parking lot
  20. Weed all gardens
  21. Put benches by the fence along Christopher road (red)
  22. Put chairs neatly by the yard fence between the gate and the building.
  23. Setup the bathrooms
  24. Hang up spinal board
  25. Paint sign in book holder (blue)
  26. Put holders up for the reaching pole on the baby pool fence
  27. Yard weeding
  28. Yard overseeding (soil/seed/fertilizer)
  29. Grass (sod or seed) along wooden fence when it’s done
  30. Fix flag poles in yard

Can't wait to see you all poolside this week or this week-end.


Jenn Tondino
President, Director of Staffing
Fairfields Swimming Club

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