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Swimmer (One) 1

  • 15 Jun 2015
  • 7:15 PM
  • 24 Aug 2015
  • 7:45 PM
  • Fairfields Swimming Club
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  • Membership information and payments must be completed to register for lessons
  • All waivers must be completed and signed by the parent or legal guardian of the non-member child. All children under the age of TEN years must be accompanied a parent or guardian (14+).

    Non-member lessons do not allow the child to swim except during their scheduled lesson.

Please only register for one lesson set per child. If you are interested in a level that is currently full, please send an e-mail to with the level you would like to be enrolled in as we may be able to open up another class in that session depending on numbers. As there is no guarantee that more classes will open up during a session, it is highly recommended that you still register your child(ren) in a class that is currently open.
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These beginners will become comfortable jumping into water with and without a lifejacket. They'll learn to open their eyes, exhale and hold their breath underwater. They'll work on floats, glides and kicking through the water on their front and back.

  1. Enter and exit shallow water
  2. Jump into chest-deep water
  3. Jump into deep water wearing PFD
  4. Tread water 30 sec. wearing PFD
  5. Hold breath underwater 5 sec.
  6. Submerge and exhale 5 times
  7. Open eyes underwater
  8. Float on front and back 5 sec. each
  9. Roll laterally front to back and back to front
  10. Glide on front, back and side 3 m each
  11. Flutter kick on front and back 5 m each
  12. Front crawl 5 m wearing PFD
  13. Water Smart messages: Swim with a Buddy; Wear a Lifejacket; Check the Ice; Swim to Survive

Class Length: 30 min.

Dates: Monday evenings from June 15, 2015 - August 24, 2015.  There are no lessons on statutory holidays.

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